Friday, March 5, 2010

My life is a highway

My youngest sister once told me that she felt like her life was a highway. i did not really know what she meant by that, until recently. My highway has been one well traveled...........full of detours, speed bumps, road signs, speed limits, tickets, caution,yield, toll booths and many, many mile markers!! I would like to invite you on this awesome ride with me. It starts out of course when I was fifteen and a half, permit in hand and my first real boyfriend, now my husband of almost 17 years!!! Steven and I are best friends, loyal companion and life partners. He is really the reason I started this blog. He has almost earned his psychology degree from listening to me live my latest highway journey over the past three years. He would say I have detoured off the highway and found a roller coasters. OF EMOTIONS, that is:) I discovered Paxil however, and it has helped me find my way back to the ON ramp!! Just kidding:) he has been a wonderful sounding board for me. Of all the mile markers in my life, my proudest ones are of course my two wonderful kids. They make our life so fun. My daughter is about to hit the teenage years and will be 13 on May 1st. Her name is Kennedy. she loves to sing and one day aspires to be on Broadway. She is currently in 7th grade, a cheerleader and is super smart. Our son just turned 9 on March 1st and he is extremely funny, just like his dad. his name is Carson. he is a sports fanatic and loves them all. He is in the third grade, a mommas boy and has lots of friends. We are very proud parents!!

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  1. angela! i'm so proud of you :) your blog is fantastic! i've had so much fun reading your first few entries and have added you to the blogs i follow :) bravo!!