Monday, April 5, 2010

New space/new furniture. Will it fit???

OK guys, so recently I was invited to a new home that is near completion and the homeowner is wanting new furniture for her living room. She has envisioned two new sofas, two new chairs, two ottomans, along with side tables, a coffee table, a game table, and two accent chairs. Sounds great!!! Wait a minute, I am standing in this big, brand new, beautiful, open space and thinking to myself as she is explaining her wants............ I don't think all of that will fit in here!!!!! Much to her dismay, she says..... really?? So, just a bit of advice:) Get out your tape measure and some blue painters tape and tape off the furniture in your space to make sure your vision will actually come to fruition. This is an easy way to actually visualize it in the space and gives you the opportunity to play with the arrangement before you make a big investment!